About me

It all starts with passion:

I love plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees. At the age of 14, I saw flowers being sold, I bought flowers at the market in the morning, and then they sold them (mosty to men who forgot about anniversary). I enjoyed believing that flowers would make me happy one day.

My dad always helped me, he was proud to do something for others. But he kept telling me that he felt sorry for the cut flowers. He loves nature and things that we should live are in harmony with it. The cut flower was, according to several examples of the transience of beauty - a beautiful flower within a few days, drying up for a maximum of weeks, which afterall never seemed to exist and did not bring happiness to the world. Just wasting of water, work and looting of our planet. I was wondering what could I do.

One day I started making soap bars as a hobby. I like that they are useful, beautiful and fragrant for a very long time.

I gave my friend a bouquet and it made her very happy (she still has it on the table (since 2018)). So I started making soap flowers as a gift for my loved ones and friends.

The more I made, the more I received positive feedback. I liked making people around happy. During one year more and more people started to tell me that they would also like to give someone an extraordinary gift. I received messages with thanks and a happy photo of the recipient. I decided to keep improving my bouquets.

It makes me happy when a person does a "wow" during the handover, people's reaction to such an extraordinary gift is really great! That is why I founded the soapart.cz website, where you can see the results of my work and also order flowers.